Product Stewardship & Waste Minimisation

Mad World is one of New Zealand’s leading consultancies helping industry deliver product stewardship solutions. 

Product Stewardship

We have helped our clients develop programmes, which meet the product stewardship requirements of the NZ Waste Minimisation Act (2008) and to seek funding worth around NZ$ 8million for clients from the Waste Minimisation Fund. 

Examples of Product Stewardship

Public Place Recycling Scheme

The Public Place Recycling Scheme is an industry funded initiative, which is owned and managed by the Packaging Forum. Over 40 of New Zealand’s leading companies support the Scheme paying levies, which are used to buy recycling and litter bins and to help fund recycling and composting at events and venues around the country. The Scheme promotes the Government’s Love NZ brand.

Recycling at Events and around the country

Recycling at Events and around the country

Soft Plastics Recycling Programme

This is a new initiative to introduce recycling bins, so shoppers can take back their used soft plastic bags to participating supermarkets and retail premises. 

Minister for the Environment launching soft plastics recycling programme

Minister for the Environment launching soft plastics recycling programme

Waste Management in Asia 

Working with the Asia Foundation, we are undertaking a number of pioneering programmes to introduce rural waste collection and management schemes in Laos. This will include the establishment of social enterprises, which will offer new enduring employment opportunities to disadvantaged communities. Improving how waste is managed will reduce human health impacts and avoid degradation of the environment. If these schemes are successful there may be opportunities to introduce them in other developing countries.


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