How media evaluation works

Quite simply, it's an assessment of the content, impact and favourability of your media coverage. 

It measures how well your corporate or PR messages are being communicated to your target audience. This can also be overlaid with an objective view of the issues that are current in your sector and an assessment of your competitors' performance. 

We offer a full range of media evaluation options: the system can quickly generate graphs showing the volume, media category split and share of voice within your coverage.

•  On favourability or sentiment scoring you have a number of options: an opportunity to provide your own favourability (or sentiment ) scoring; or favourability scoring by our own analyst team.

•  For large scale text analysis projects we can give you access to what has been independently rated one of very best automated sentiment software available.

Measuring and evaluating social media social does everything you would expect from media evaluation, but the big difference is that what you really want to know is who are the bloggers who influence your audience. This is about the number of followers, traffic between sites, audience engagement and the authors credibility. We can undertake mapping and analysis to tell you all this – essential groundwork for using social media in a proactive way.

Media Analysis


If you are interested in open analysis all you have to do is contact us for an informal meeting.

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