Examples from Our Porfolio

Mad World has authored or co-authored several Sustainable Business Guides

2003 - Guide to Sustainable Supply Chain

2005 - Lets Settle This – A guide to sustainable Maori Enterprise

2009 – Procurement Guide - This guide reports on the shift to sustainable procurement by central and local government in New Zealand.

Paper Buying Guide – How to buy sustainable paper - This Guide was authored by Mad World



"Every part of the world shoots up daily into more subtlety. The very spider weaves her cauls with more art and cutting to entrap the fly. The shallow ploughman can distinguish now 'Twixt simple truth and a dissembling brow..."

Tomas Middleton, A Mad Word, My Masters, c 1605

"Crisis Management is a mindset and a process that on a daily basis drives a company's decisions and actions"

Pearson, Clair

"Its the dose that makes the poison"

Paracelsus (1493-1541)

"If it be not now, yet it will come: The readiness is all"

William Shakespeare, Hamlet: Act V Scene II

"They should shoot the scientists, not cull the calves. Nobody seems to know what is going on"

Dairy farmer quotes in the times (2/8/96)

"What good is a house, if you haven't got a decent planet to put it on"

Henry David Thoreau